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Don’t be misled by the competition
The web is packed with companies trying to get your business by luring you with beautiful samples and promising you the moon. Sadly, many clients have confessed to ordering from a photographer on the internet based on price aloneand have been sorely disappointed. If finding the lowest possible price is your goal and quality is irrelevant to you, you will be well-served to continue your search. If, however, you want your photos to impress your customers and make them feel like they must have what you’re selling, try us! After all, your first photograph is FREE.

Below is a sample of a competitor’s type of photograph.

At first glance, you might say it looks pretty good. Upon closer examination, however, you’ll notice that the background is made up of several shades of white and gray. These subtle differences distract from the focus of the image – your product – and draw your eyes away from it. This is an example of the work produced by many of today’s photographers who advertise low-cost ($7.00-$10.00) product photography. Often, their websites feature products photographed on a truly pure white background, but these prove to be misleading in most instances, as the photos the clients receive mimic the photo above.


 The Product Photography 4 Less Difference 

This is what you will get ordering from us!

Why such a difference?

Brace yourself: I will do what no other photographer will do – tell you the truth!
Every photo you see today in print or on the web is edited in Photoshop before it is released for publication.
We do not release any photo from our studio that has NOT been retouched to some extent.
We take the time to manipulate, color balance, polish, and sharpen EVERY image.
The result is a POP OF THE PAGE quality!
We are able to produce such high quality images at affordable prices simply because we have carefully honed our art over many
years of professional experience and have reduced it to a science, eliminating wasted time & energy.

We are so confident you will like our service, your first photograph is FREE.

If you are ever dissatisfied, we will reshoot your image until you are completely satisfied or it’s Free!