Professional Product Photography at Affordable Prices 

When you can’t show your goods in person, everything hinges on the quality of your photographs.

Quality product photography is essential in today’s global marketplace. provides you with all of the product photography services your business needs
to compete, increasing your customers’ buying confidence and building credibility in today’s global market.
We specialize in product photography for the web, ebay, catalogs, and for fine printing.
Let’s discuss your thoughts and our possibilities! 

Basic Services start at $30.00

With our Basic Level Service, we use our standard lighting which consists of 3 professional grade studio strobe lights which produce great results with most products. This service level is ideal for non-reflective items such as stuffed animals, baseball caps, and hand carved wooden statues. The Basic Level is perfect for our budget-minded customers. Photographed on a pure white background. *Items larger than 18 inches or weigh over 15 lbs may be subject to additional charges. See our pricing and services pages for full details on pricing and options.

Advanced Services From $35.00

Our advanced level service is the best choice for items such as decorative cut glass, and hard-to-photograph reflective products. With our Advanced Service, we take additional time to create a custom lighting plan and use as many professional grade studio strobe lights as needed, along with reflectors and light absorbers, to take advantage of your product’s individual shape, texture, and lighting requirements, thereby achieving the best possible image with a single exposure. See our pricing and services pages for full details on pricing and options.»

Custom Services from $45.00

If you’re looking for the highest quality image, this level of service is your best choice. Most commercial products (as in magazines) are made up of a combination of different photographs. In order to create a finished photo of superior quality, the varying elements often benefit from being lit and photographed differently. The separate photographs are then combined in Photoshop to create a finished image that is of a much higher quality than would be possible using a single exposure. Prices start at just $45.00 depending on the item to be photographed.